Astrology is the science, which completely based on the calculation of the planets and star position. You might hear or not, Ups and downs happened in the Human being’s life sake of having an alteration of planet and star position in the horoscope.

Horoscope is based on the accurate date, time and place of the birth, which divulges the whole life of the native, which help to forecast of the native life. Astrology specialist predicts through calculation of planet and stars position, one prerequisite is that all information should be correct; Astrologer doesn't have any responsibility if information is incorrect.

However, There are lots of astrology system (Para Sa System, Gemini System, Horary & Western System and K.P. System) through that, astrologer can predict the future just like, (What will happen with native, Where their life will go, how long they entangled in conflict), although they recommend remedies too to get rid of hassles.

The astrologer will forecast with the information of- which is provided by native, Native have to take suggestion and remedies with care and admonition.

The horoscope and astrology related given information shall not make sake of any consequential loss, any disputes to the user.